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Cherry Pie

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Grand Daddy Purple and F1 Durb are Cherry Pie’s parents. This hybrid strain smells like sweet, sour cherry pie, with thick blooms coated with orange hairs and traces of purple. The benefits are said to start working within minutes and linger for many hours. Buy marijuana online


30g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1000g

2 reviews for Cherry Pie

  1. iamhazardous

    A highly motivating and energetic marijuana concentrate. Its mellow effects is just right if you want to be high and be productive or focused on any activity.Chronic fatigue stands no chance against this beautiful shatter.

  2. jeffvabeach

    The first thing I noticed was how inviting the oil itself looked. Beautiful color…looking good…THEN the taste..simply wow! Smooth hit. Nice smooth smoke, earthly flavor and does not make you cough like some others do. This is something to smoke when you have nothing else to do. I will totally purchase again, again and AGAIN

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